Untitled (Long Term Installation) by Ilyssa Harrington

This installation is a reflection of how I see people. My inspiration for this piece was human connection, and how people interact with each other. It was important to me that the piece had many layers and that the string in the middle was a focal point for the piece. I chose to start by painting on the walls because paint and mark making in general tells a story with how the lines move and the colors interact with each other. I then wanted to draw in space with cardboard and wood because of the textures and the way the three-dimensional shapes interacted with the two dimensional shapes.


Medium: Paint, Cardboard, and Wood

Dimensions: 8 x 15 x 3ft

Fragments of the Forest (Historic Site Specific) by Ilyssa Harrington

The piece Fragments of the Forest was a site specific piece that was a response to the history of Saint Augustine. The pieces of history that I chose to respond to was the Shrimp Boat Movement as well as the Indigo Movement. The Shrimp Boat and the Indigo Movement were both movements that affected the environment of St. Augustine. The cite that I chose was the Collaborative District because of the waterfront and the location in relation to the shrimp boats. The shrimp boats during the 20th century had a negative impact on the environment because of the use of Live Oaks. The use of the Live Oaks for the shrimp boats endangered the species of trees. At the same time the indigo movement was happening which also affected the Live Oaks because of the clearing of the trees so that indigo could be planted.

For the piece I wanted to speak against deforestation in general using the history of the past as well as the current site having shrimp boats next to it. As the viewer viewed this piece, they started with a densely populated forest of fabric and as they moved back the forest became more thin and darker. This was representational of the forest thinning and the shrimp boats and indigo hurting the forest.


Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 11.16.03 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 11.17.59 PM.png

Medium: Dyed Fabric 

Dimensions:  12 x 14 x 47ft  

Wandering (30 Minute Outdoor) by Ilyssa Harrington

The piece Wandering was a responsive piece to the frustration that I as an individual have about the current state of the environment. The location of the performance is Flagler College’s Palm Garden, this is a area of palm trees that has been planted there for aesthetic and recreational use. The materials I used throughout the piece are all completely found objects. Originally I named the piece Cleaning Up Nature, but after some reflection I realized this piece was a real wandering for what I wanted to do about the mess that nature is and how society responds to nature. During the piece I became less frustrated with the trash that I continued to find because of the interaction I was having with it. At the end I had created altars for the trash so that I could juxtapose the trash being on the ground with the creation of a alter.  


Medium: Performance, Found Objects

Dimensions: 6ft x 7ft x 5ft 

Sleep (30 Minute Indoor) by Ilyssa Harrington

This piece was a experiment in installation. Never having done an installation before, I was hesitant to create something so large and a piece of art that truly created space and an environment. The inspiration for this piece came from the notion of sleep. Sleep can be a restful  thing but it can also be a restless need. Creating this piece I wanted to have the sheet be the size of the viewer so that they came in contact with the piece directly when looking at it. The glass used throughout the sheet is a representation of the beauty that sleep can create, while also representing the disconnect that sleep forces us to have with the world. The use of the pillowcase is in response to Tracy Emin’s; My Bed, this piece makes the bed real by using everyday objects as sculpture elements.