Studio Blog 05 / by Ilyssa Harrington

This week there was another motive for making work. The object was to create someone else’s artwork. The artist who’s artwork I was to make was John Quick, through this exercise I was to make something that embodies John’s symbolisms, motifs, and things that he as a artist wants to communicate to the viewer.

Here is some of his work: John creates painting and pots as narratives.

For my response I was thinking about this piece but I was also thinking about the scale of his work so I created three little pots and a small painting. This duo is called Pick Me. The three pots are painted on the canvas, yet the third pot that is on the left in both images has a broken arm.

In addition to this exercise I continued my own work. I expounded on my video art process by creating two different stop motion animations.

FullSizeRender 8.jpg

Lots and lots of dots.

This first stop motion is various dots. Each page has six dots on it yet in different locations. Therefore when all of the images are together they will move and bounce around the page.

The second stop motion animation is just a line moving around the page.

The artist that I am inspired from this week are Dave Miko and Tom Thayer Miko and Thayer is an artistic duo that combine video and painting together in a very saturated tone. They completely blur the lines in between the painting and the video. These images are from the exhibit Baseless Legion of Architects Rent Asunder.

Reading 33 Artist and 3 Acts

This book provides a curated picture of how different artist present themselves differently. The author Sarah Thornton is trying to get the viewer to understand that being a artist is not a job it is a identity that arguably all artist wrestle with. Thornton prefaces the book with stating that the currency for the artist is not money but is credibility. Credibility in the art world has not hit me personally as a student yet because I have been making work inside the classroom so my main means of currency are grades. Yet art credibility is changing because of the internet and how artist can make work online and never enter a gallery and find success. Reading through the artist and how they choose to present themselves creates a lot of comfort to know there is not one way to present yourself. In the bubble of school it can sometimes feel like there is an identity of the artist, yet that is far from the truth.