Studio Blog 08 / by Ilyssa Harrington

This week in the studio I began a new painting portfolio. Before starting the new portfolio I made small sketches of my paintings. To read more about what I am doing in this new portfolio you can read my post Fresh Paint.

Here is a in progress photo of the sketches I am creating for these new paintings.


A artist that I am inspired by this week is Laura Blythman. She designs collages and then makes them into fabric. Her use of shapes is simple yet she combines fun textures and colors to create a economy of relationships.

This weeks reading:

I really enjoyed the practicality of this weeks reading. The biggest take away that I got from it was documentation! It is crucial that we as artist make it part of our practice to document our work. Without documenting our work how will people even know that it exists. I also enjoyed the reality of this reading the tables and graphics makes me want to put it on my wall :) It is true that as artisit we are not going to have a high income and the more we know that and accept the harder we can push ourselves to make great work for the sake of great work. All in this is a reading I will refer back to after I graduate and probably throughout this academic year.