Fresh Paint / by Ilyssa Harrington

I am excited to start a new journey of painting! In the next seven weeks I am going to go on a crazy paint journey that will bring me closer to who I am as an artist and what I like millions of others am trying to communicate through pigments and oils.

The Big Idea!

For this portfolio I want to continue to explore figures in this world that I am putting them into. With the lines and shapes that are weaving in and out and around them.

This is a mood board I have created for this new portfolio. I want my paintings to be in this color scheme and for them to be about humans and how one person interacts with the world around them. Each painting will have one subject and the subject will be fragmented around the canvas with interlocking shapes and lines. The paintings will be similar to the painting below.


For the size requirements I will be painting five 36’x36’ canvases one solid color from the color pallet above and then taking photos of five different people to use as reference images.