Studio Blog 06 / by Ilyssa Harrington

This week in the studio I continued on my journey of painting. I am refining my work down to a process of mark making and the figure. This week I worked on developing that language and what it means to the viewer. During last weeks critique the human phenomenon was brought up, as well as narrative. This week I was striving to make work that talked about what it meant to be human and how small moments can have big impacts. I want to place an emphasis on brush strokes and how they interact with the figure.


An artist who I am inspired by is EttaVee she creates art that is based on entirely brush strokes and saturated colors.

Screen Shot 2018-10-11 at 11.20.48 PM.png

Here EttaVee uses marks and colors to create her painting

Here is a strong color relationship that I enjoy with deep saturated tones.

Reading Manifestos

A quote that struck me was this, “Art is the home of the creative spirit, but never until now has the spirit created matter. The spirit has only ever created the spiritual. Certainly the spirit has always filled art with life, but this life will finally die as the times change.” This quote was interesting to me because I do see art being the home to the created spirit but I do not think that it is until now that creative spirit has created matter, we as humans have been creating art since the beginning of time. Life does create art without life you can not have art, something has to push art as a whole, life is the reason we are not still making cave paintings. As I relate this to my work, I want to focus on the fact that life does indeed fuel art.